The Truth about Arthritis

Arthritis ‘Osteoarthritis’

This term has been used by healthcare professionals when a patient is looking for help from a joint pain that they are experiencing. Typically arthritis diagnoses are given to people over the age of 70, but you could see this diagnosis with people in their 40’s!

Arthritis is a normal occurrence where the body adds more bone to a particular joint/s to help protect and reduce the impact from everyday stressors such as sitting, walking and running. The protection that the body automatically adds is great however if it progresses too long can cause severe stiffness and pain.

There are three main categories that you will find that comes with this term, which is: mild, moderate and severe:

Mild Arthritis

The normal response that everyone will get throughout life; mainly happens over the age of 30 and is nothing to worry about. However, if you have been given an arthritis diagnosis all you need to do is strengthen the particular joint that you’re having a problem with.

Moderate Arthritis

If you are experiencing pain in a particular joint this is your body telling you that it needs more help. This is because you are adding too much impact without any added support, the additional support would be from your muscles!

Muscle activation and strengthening are some of the key components to stop the progression of your body from taking over for you. Its main role is to surround the joint and protect it if from impact by acting as a shock absorber to reduce the pressure onto the joints. They also give the joint a healthy supply of blood to keep the joint working smoothly, as well as helping to get rid of toxins through other channels.

Severe Arthritis

This is the stage where your body has done all it can to protect your joint and now there is no more space for more bone to grow. The added bone formation will reduce the natural lubrication that the joint provides which will lead you to feel stiff and in pain. At this stage, surgery would be recommended depending on assessing risks factors and weighing up the pros and cons to the quality of life.

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