Shoulder pain Stopped immediately

The shoulder is a complex joint that’s made up of three parts to encourage a full range of movement. This consists of your shoulder blade, your collar bone and your arm bone. The complexity of this joint deepens as the arm bone is mainly held in place by muscles, and has a large extensive network of nerves and blood vessels surrounding it. As the structure of the shoulder is rarely unique, it provides an extraordinarily large range of motions allowing you to reach upwards and behind you. However, as it’s mainly supported by muscles, if there are any weaknesses or injuries this could result in pain which can lead to stiffness and reduced ability for the shoulder joint to function normally.


There are loads of tips that can be used to immediately reduce the pain, here are a few to get you started.

First tip – Tape!

Kinesiotape is great for alleviating shoulder pain immediately. This is because when the shoulder is experiencing pain, it’s generally due to not having enough strength from the muscles, which makes it become heavy and fatigued. The application of tape gives immediate and generous results as it acts like another muscle reinforcing the feeling of support allowing the shoulder to be at ease.

Second tip – Ask for help.

Get in touch with a charted physiotherapist. They have an in-depth understanding about the anatomy, movements of the shoulder joint, as well as specific hands on treatments which can provide instant relief.

Third tip – say I want to feel ‘Resilient, Revitalised and Relieved’

It is known that having positive thoughts can reduce stress and can improve your overall health. At R3 Physiotherapy we make that our priority!

At R3 physiotherapy, education is key. We use our best efforts to keep communication clear and simple, ensuring all information is related to you. This will allow you a better understanding of the underlying problem leaving you feeling

Resilient, Revitalised and Relieved.

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