Prevention is better than Cure

You have probably heard this statement before and honestly it is the truth. As our lives become increasingly busy, the focus has been less on ourselves and more on our daily commitments. This can be seen as commendable as others has been put first such as our family, careers, and lifestyle which helps us in the future, but what about you in the present?

Pushing ourselves to the extremes can be beneficial for the short term, but in the long run we can feel tired, drained and at risk to injury. In the short term the body is amazing at making small adjustments in order for you to continue carrying out daily activities. However, if you do not make the effort to become more aware of your body’s needs, in the long run this can lead to neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle pain. The mind can only go as far as the body can tolerate.

Take back Control

At R3 Physiotherapy we have focused our approach in utilising our skills to prevent you from acquiring injuries. We are experts at identifying any potential problems and presenting a solution leaving you feeling

Resilient Revitalised and Relieved.

  • Ryan Johnson
  • 12:10 am

Services We Provide

  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Back and Neck problems
  • Posture Analysis and Adjustments
  • Sports Massage
  • Acupuncture/ Acupressure
  • Muscle/Joint taping
  • Tailored Exercise Programme
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Work Station Ergonomics
  • Education and Advice