Full Body Packages


This package is ideal for the individual who is self-motivated and ready to put in the desired work to see substantial physical and emotional change; our Resilient programme will do just that. We are here to support you with the right network of skilled individuals with proven track records in their specialised fields to yield your success. If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle, perhaps a desk-bound job and physical activity has been limited then this package is for you.  
The body is a powerful tool once used correctly and when neglected the physical pain and trauma can be excruciating. With the ‘Resilient’ package our goal is to be an anchor of support to help remedy and reverse any stressors that have been caused. This programme will highlight any postural imbalances as well as improve your overall power and stability. Within the ‘Resilience’ package we utilise the latest technology and include the efficiency of a Functional Scanner which will accurately show you any postural maladaptation which we will then review. Dependent on what is shown our hands-on techniques include manipulation, mobilisation, and deep tissue massage which encourages flexibility.
Armed with this information your programme will then be followed up with weekly sessions from a personal trainer in a Gym who will help to improve your strength, balance and control by creating a tailor-made regimen for your to implement and follow. 
If you are ready to ‘Take Back Control’ but not sure of where to start and how then use this as a sign to being your journey to complete wellness and Resilience. 
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The Revitalised package is the starting block for the individual who may be going through hormonal shifts and is looking for a way to gain more control in the areas of weight, nutrition and emotional support through transitions that can arise due to age and lifestyle. If your energy has been depleted, productivity is at a minimum and you feel yourself in a ‘slump’, then our ‘Revitalised’ package is here to gently encourage change to help your feel more balanced, nourished from the inside out and at ease.

Embarking on this package will support you through physical rehabilitation such as massage, and laser technology to manage pain and encourage healing, as we as dietary support to fully optimise your health.

For this unique package, we have collaborated with Dietitians specialising in a variety of fields such as weight management, menopause and muscle building to name a few. They will be here to guide and give you a well-rounded approach to support your goals and ambitions.

If the idea of change seems slightly daunting however you’re ready to make slow yet steady progress in order to feel more rejuvenated and ‘Revitalised’ then this package is for you.

What does this include?


The Relieved package is for the individual who is overworked, exhausted and in desperate need of support. You may be living a lifestyle which requires a lot of your physical and emotional self, or perhaps your daily commitments exceed what you’re able to achieve innately.

This could be in the form of a high-in-demand job, family commitments, or various medical issues to name a few. To get you feeling more balanced and in tune with yourself, we will prioritise mind body and soul in unison and will facilitate gentle physical rehabilitation techniques which will focus on regaining the connection with self.

Our carefully mapped-out programme also includes soft tissue massage alongside stretching and muscle energy techniques. We are delighted to have collaborated with a highly qualified physical well-being practitioner to give a one-to-one session where they will be able to identify and provide useful strategies to ensure and maintain a constant state of relief and calm.

Our approach to health is very much holistic and we consider the whole individual and look at various aspects to create not only a unique experience but an everlasting one that regains and realigns the energy centres in the body. To do this we have partnered with a Reiki practitioner who will be able to further facilitate healing by applying ancient teaching and techniques to make sure that the flow of energy in the body is in balance and at peace.

If you need to put your feet up, are in need of a well-earned break and are ready to put your health first then look no further than the ‘Relieved’ package where we take care of you!

What does this include?

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