Neck pain No longer

The neck is a unique structure that comprises of many components to allow it to move efficiently. There is a large network of nerves that goes throughout the neck which is responsible for movement and sensations. The neck also has an enormous range of movement allowing you to look over your shoulders on a day to day basis. Even though the neck is usually supple and flexible, adopting an unfavourable position could alter the normal mechanics of the neck causing it to become stiff and rigid. This could result in your neck feeling stuck in certain positions which could lead to frustration and stress.


There are many ways to gain relief from neck pain immediately, here are a few to get you started.

First tip – Heat. 

Hot water bottle, hot showers and deep heat are the go-to options to reduce the pain. This is because muscles typically cross over joints and controls the movement that they make. Therefore if the muscle is tight, it can reduce the range of motion which leads to stiffness throughout the neck. Heat has been shown to give a relaxing effect to your muscles allowing them to loosen up their grip enabling smooth movement overall.

Second Tip – do not suffer in silence 

Reach out to an experienced physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are fantastic at giving immediate results by using specialist techniques to identify the area in question, and using manipulative therapy can act as a solution to free the muscle or joint causing the problem.

Third Tip – say a loud “I will to feel Resilient, Revitalised and Relieved”

It is known that having positive thoughts can reduce stress and can improve your overall health. At R3 Physiotherapy we make that our priority!

At R3 Physiotherapy we aim to put you back in control! We make sure 100% effort is carried out during your treatment, as well as a clear explanation of the problem you are experiencing. This should allow you to be at ease leaving you feeling

Resilient, Revitalised and Relieved.

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