Hip pain Handled!

The hip is considered the largest and most stable joint in the human body. It has several muscles which crosses over the hip adding to the natural stability of the joint. Even though it’s a solid structure it still has a generous range of movement allowing individuals to stretch their legs out completely. There are many reasons why our hips are so important, one of the main functions is to allow your weight to be evenly distributed from the head down to the feet. As this is the most used joint in the body, it can become prone to injuries causing individuals walking to suffer which can then affect their quality of life.

Take back control!

There are various remedies to reduce your hip pain, here are a few to get you started.

First tip – Mirror.

Awareness is key. As we are generally so busy with our day to day lives, we hardly stop to think how we actually use and manoeuvre our body. Standing in front of the mirror is a great way to analyse your body’s position. If you feel that you are leaning to one side this is generally an indication that one leg could be longer which can affect your overall balance. Standing on one leg could show you if there are any muscle imbalances that you need to target in order for you to remain stable.

Second tip – Do not wait.

Physiotherapist are kind, compassionate and thorough. They are proficient with their analysis by being able to identify areas of weakness just by looking at the way you walk. They will be able to explain your problem in a gentle manner making sure you feel at ease at each stage. They are excellent motivators and skilled in giving meaningful solutions.

Third tip – Say I want to feel Resilient Revitalised and Relieved’.

It is known that having positive thoughts can reduce stress and can improve your overall health. At R3 Physiotherapy we make that our priority!

At R3 physiotherapy, we take great care and pleasure is getting to the root of your symptoms. We provide you with the tool to develop control over your body leaving you feeling

Resilient, Revitalised and Relieved.

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