Elbow pain Eased!

The elbow is a complex joint that exists between the lower end of the arm bone and the start of the forearm bones. It has a generous amount of movement allowing you to bend and straighten the arm, as well as having a network of nerves and blood vessels.

The ulnar nerve sits very close to the joint and can be felt when the elbow is knocked awkwardly causing you to feel a ‘funny sensation’, this is where the term ‘funny bone’ comes from.

Several muscles cross through the elbow joint providing it with more stability and strength to do daily activities however, when these muscles have been overused by repetitive movements, it can cause fatigue and pain.


Many methods can be used to immediately reduce the pain, here are a few to get you started:

The first tip for elbow pain – Self-massage! 

Massage is great to increase blood flow to the areas of the body. When a muscle is fatigued this can normally indicate that the flow of blood to that muscle is insufficient to keep up with your demands. Self-massage can be beneficial as it can stimulate blood flow which carries nutrients to the muscles and nerves allowing the muscle to have a faster recovery time whilst reducing pain.

Second tip – Speak to a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists are great at understanding your pain and can provide you with a structured plan to get you back to your desired outcome.

Third tip –  ‘Resilient, Revitalised and Relieved’

It is known that having positive thoughts can reduce stress and can improve your overall health.

Knowledge is paramount and at R3 physiotherapy we keep up to date with the latest research ensuring that we can find solutions to your pain.

It’s our goal to leave you feeling Resilient, Revitalised, and Relieved.

  • Ryan Johnson
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